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Address : Guillaume Riera
Address : Lincel
Town/Suburb/City : 04870 Saint-Michel-l'Observatoire
State/County/Province : Alpes de Haute Provence
Country : France
Phone : 06 87 53 10 04
@ Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Guillaume Riera, sheep and goat breeder, welcomes you on his lands beneath the village of Lincel, not far from the antic roman Via Domitia. Your visit begins when you leave the farm with the animals, to lead them to their ranges, and to discover the geologic and botanic diversity of the surrounding hills.

From the top of a little butte a panoramic view extends over the valleys of the Encrème and the Largue, and, in the east, from the Préalpes to the north side of the Luberon.

Here, between oak and cedar woods, Guillaume shows you how the vegetation combines both Mediterranean and alpine influences, explains about land and quality, describes the impact of his activity over the landscape, or the complementarities of his two herds.


After having led the animals to their range, the visit of the premises will help you understand the management of a dairy farm.

Guillaume will explain the successive steps of cheese making, and illustrate his explanations with a nice sample of the farm products to end the visit.



Guillaume offers direct sale of
fresh and mature goat cheese, tome, grated cheese, and honey. You can also meet him at the local fairs.


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