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Ways of colours and scents

(Farmer's itinerary Haute Provence)

Françoise et Laurent Milesi
Campagne Bayard
04230 Cruis
Alpes de Haute Provence
04 92 77 05 63
04 92 77 05 72
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Françoise and Laurent Milesi welcome you to their colourful and fragrant lands around their farm, Le Coulet, located between St Etienne les Orgues and Cruis.
They're the heirs of a family craftsmanship – as well as of these outstanding lavandin rows, planted some fourteen years ago, which make the foothills of Lure so attractive.
All along the path, Laurent warmly explains the work on their farm, their research on the various colour shades of the lavandin, as well as of its aromatherapic properties.

The pool, at a bend of the road, is the result of a patient work of search and rehabilitation of lost springs that used to be caught long ago. Their exceptional abundance enables Françoise and Laurent to irrigate the tarragon fields and the vegetable garden.
You can also discover the production chain of the trimmed flower, from its culture to its passage in the grading-machine, and the use of its stem in the making of compost. The visit ends with a distillation demonstration in a small copper still. Then, filled with images and perfumes, you'll sit and taste the local products, among which the tarragon-flavoured home-made digestive.



Direct sale of :
• Essential oils, bouquets and various lavandin-based products
• personal embroidery

You can also meet them at :

• the local fairs

Timetable 2014

From June to september, visits on reservation, for groups of 10 to 20 people only.

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